Fine Art Lamps Customization Program

Above: Original Fine Art Lamps Chandelier 733840 from the Perspecitves Collection 37" high W. 42" (94 cm x 107 cm)
Below Customized Finished Product
Fixture wide increased by almost 3 times the original wide

Most Fine Art Lamps products can be customized through Fine Art Lamps Customization Program. Existing lighting designs can be tailored to meet your requirements. As a vertical manufacturer, Fine Art Lamps is self-reliant. All products are designed and created in Miami, Florida, USA. Because we do not rely on outside manufacturers, Fine Art Lamps enjoys an excellent record of meeting delivery date requirements. We know this is so critical to clients. Let us know your specific lighting requirements. Fine Art Lamps will work with you to prepare a quotation on any existing or customized fine lighting designs and to review your own designs.

Fine Art Lamps Customization Program

As a true vertical US manufacturer, Fine Art Lamps has the capabilities and flexibility to provide unique, custom product to meet the specific and discerning needs of the designer/ architect/specifier. Our specialized Territory Managers are available to work with you on site, with your plans and concepts, to understand your complete lighting design requirements. Additionally, our in-house design staff is available to help your vision become a reality.

Fine Art Lamps "in-house" capabilities include:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Metal-working
  • Glass-making
  • Casting
  • Shade-making
  • Finishing
  • Plated finishing
  • Assembly and testing
  • Packaging
  • Logistics; 50 states, 63 countries
  • Servicing
  • Sourcing unique materials

Fine Art Lamps Provides

In-line product modification

  • Simple changes such as finish, shades and adding, or deleting crystals.
  • Dimensional modifications to height, wide, addition of lights and tiers.

Unique designs proposed by us to meet your concept requirements*

  • Provide your room setting and concept/product vision and we can design/modify original product custom made for your specific project needs.

Ideal placement for hallway fixture. Desired height shown.

Interpret, develop and manufacture your original designs*

  • Provide us an original sketch/concept of your product design and we will introduce into our product developement process from Engineering through Manufacturing.

*(Refundable design fee may apply)

Sketch provided by customer for desired bath bar.
Finished custom piece, made to order.

Fine Art Lamps Customization

Lead times: 8-12 weeks from order confirmation with deposit/payment. Additional time may be required depending on complexity and/or sourcing needs.

- Simple changes; finish, shade and crystal.
1 change = 15% upcharge
2 changes = 20% upcharge,
3 changes = 25% upcharge.
Body modifications or new concepts will be reviwed indivudally and priced based on specifications and requirements.

   Simple Changes


Customized Finish Change
Finish, crystal and shade change on sconce from A Midsummer Night's Dream.

With Simple Changes

With changes: Finish and crystal
originate from the Brighton Pavilion Collection.

Fine Art Lamps Sconce 162150 from the A Midsummer Nights Dream Collection

H 34" x wide 18"
Shades: 3" x 5.5" x 5"
3 x 60 watt Candelabra

Wall sconce in cool moonlit patina with moon dusted crystal pendants. Hand-sewn, silk shantung shades.

Made in USA.
Most Fine Art Lamps products can be customized and may be converted to 220v.

Body Modification

Customized Body Modifications

Above: Customized Finished Chandelier
Made dramatically larger
Increased size by 6' in height, 7' wide
New H. 98' wide 107" (249 cm x 272 cm)

Left: Original Fine Art Lamps Chandelier 302740 from the Winter Palace Collection 28" high W. 26" (71 cm x 66 cm)

Above: Original Fine Art Lamps Chandelier 749040 from the Cascades Collection

H. 53" x W. 52"
Chain 50" included
Shades: 5" x 6" x 4"
15 x 60 watt Candelabra
1 x 60 watt Candelabra G16.5 bulb

Sixteen-light chandelier in a Warm Silver Leaf finish featuring woven hand-cut crystals.

Below: Customized Chandelier

Made dramatically larger
3 additional tiers of lights added
Height increased by 4' with middle proportionately adjusted
New H. 100" (254 cm)

Above: Fine Art Lamps Island Fixture 236840 from the Villa 1919 Collection

H. 24" x 46" wide
72" chain included
Shades: 9" x 5", 16" x 9", 7.5"
2 x 100 watt Medium base

Two light island fixture in a warm finish of rich umber with gilded accents. Natural Mica shades with fleuron and mica designs.

Below: Customized Finished Chandelier

2 island fixtures were joined and decorative element added in the center
New 37" high W. 110" (94 cm x 279 cm)

Above: Fine Art Lamps Pendant 787840 from the Alegretto Collection

H. 34' wide 61"
Chain 50" included
Shade: 58" x 58" x 14"
6 x CFL15W, GU24, 2700K GU2415 watt bulbs

787840-2GU Allegretto Gold
Pendant in a burnished gold leaf finish with subtle brown highlights and white textured linen shade.

Below: Customized Finished Fixture

Shade was doubled in height
Diameter increased by 3'
Now approximately 8" wide
New 30" high W. 92" (76 cm x 234 cm)

Above: Fine Art Lamps Chandelier 701340, 760640 from the Beveled Arcs Collection

H. 59" x W. 56"
10 x 60 watt Candelabra

Ten-light chandelier features beveled crystal accents. Look for the distinctive crystals, registered trademarks of Fine Art Lamps (Reg. U.S. Pat & TM Off.)

Beveled Arcs 701340, shown
Warm muted Silver Leaf finish

Below: Customized Finished Chandelier
Fixture made dramatically larger, approximately 2 times taller, and almost twice as wide.
New H. 110' wide 96" (279 cm x 244 cm)

Bottom Below: 2nd Customized Finished Chandelier
Fixture made 2 times taller, and wider.
New H. 120' wide 79" (305 cm x 201 cm)

Above: Fine Art Lamps Crystal Chandelier 771240, 774540 from the Crystal Laurel Collection

H. 75" x W. 75"
Chain 72" included
20 x 60 watt Candelabra

Twenty-light chandelier with stylized faceted crystal leaves.

774540 Crystal Laurel Gold

Finish: Gold Leaf

Below: Customized Finished Chandelier
Fixture made almost twice as tall, with the same wide.
New H. 130' wide 73" (330 cm x 185 cm)

Above: Fine Art Lamps Pendant 600340 from the Singapore Moderne Collection

H. 47" x W. 42"
72" chain included
8 x 60 watt Candelabra

Grand pendant of steel in brown patinated Bronze with warm translucent mica panels on lower level and pale cognac hand blown glass on upper level. Features cascade of pale cognac hand blown glass balls. 6' custom chain & decorative canopy included.

600340 Singapore Moderne
Brown patinated Bronze, warm translucent mica panels on lower level, pale cognac hand blown glass on upper level and a cascade of pale cognac hand-blown glass balls.

Below: Customized Finished Pendant
Increased fixture diameter by 3'
Oval shaped chandelier
New 30" high W. 79" D. 36" (76 cm x 201 cm x 91 cm)

New Product Concept

Customized Finished Pendant
1 crystal shade made into a drop light
New H. 27' wide 6" (69 cm x 15 cm)

Left: Fine Art Lamps Chandelier 584240 from the Eaton Place Collection

37" high x W. 32"
Shades: 4.5" x 4.5" x 6.5"
Chain 72" included
6 x 60 watt Candelabra

Six-light chandelier features shades of faceted channel-set crystal and brilliant pendants.

584240 Eaton Place
Rustic iron finish with garnet undertones

Right: Customized Finished Pendant
1 crystal shade made into a drop light
New H. 27' wide 6" (69 cm x 15 cm)

Above: Original Pendant

Right: Customized Pendant converted into a 4-light drop light.

Left: Fine Art Lamps Drop Light Pendant 787240 from the Staccato Collection

H. 36" x W. 10"
1 x 200 watt Medium base A-23 bulb

787240-2 Staccato Gold
Pendant in a toned gold leaf finish, with frosted, seedy glass.

Right: Customized Finished Pendant
Pendant converted into a 4-light drop light.

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