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Holtkotter (Holtkoetter) Eliptical Shade Collection

Holtkotter Eliptical Shade Lamps

Elliptical shades for maximum light output on an assorment of the most functional and elegant sophisticated modern floor, table and wall and ceiling lamps.

Holtkoetter 2625 Raumfluter LED Torchiere

Raumfluter 2625 LED

Holtkotter's breathtaking Ultimate Lighting Machine, this time as a single torchiere with our proprietary LED reflector and the Holtkötter Dimm-System Punkt 1 (*P1).

  • Light Engine:
    Holtkötter PC Board LED 11-24 with 24x CREE XP-G LEDs
  • Optic / Reflector:
    Holtkötter Aluminum Reflector with 90° x 5mm Optics
  • Light Output:
    3360 Lumens equivalent to 240 W Halogen
  • Light Color:
    2900 Kelvin
  • Control/LED Driver/Dimmer:
    Holtkötter Dimm-System P1 LED 1500 with full-range dimming of <0.1% - 100%
  • Maximum Current/Voltage:
    1500mA & 24V
  • System Power Consumption:
    3 . . .36 Watts

Hand-Brushed Old Bronze
Antique Brass
Satin Nickel

2625/24*LED CHROME in Chrome

523/1 shown in Satin Nickel

523/1 Antique Brass shown with optional Pin-up Kit

Holtkotter 523/1 Arched Swing-Arm Halogen Wall Sconce

Holtkoetter's most popular halogen swing-arm wall sconce has an uncomparable reach of 29" . This wall sconce is lit by a 100 watt halogen bulb, has a full-range dimmer and is available in a variety of finishes. Pin-up kit with a 19" cord cover and 7' cord is optional and sold separately.

Finish: Antique Brass, Hand-Brushed Old Bronze, Polished Brass, Polished Brass / Brushed Brass, Polished Brass / Satin Nickel or Satin Nickel
Backplate wide 4 5/8" x 29" Extension Maximum 1 x Q 100 DC/CL - 120V/max. 100 watt Bayonet Base Halogen Bulb Manufactured by Osram

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