Hubbardton Forge Finishes & Glass

Hubbardton Forge Finishes

All the finish, glass and shade options Hubbardton Forge currently offers. Not all options are available for a specific design.

Hubbardton Forge purchases glass domestically whenever possible, however much glass is sourced internationally.

Translucent Finishes

Hubbardton Forge translucent finishes show off the character and texture of the metal beneath...

The finishing process utilizes the methods that will bring out the beauty of the materials – from hand-rubbing, to running through our polishing process. Powder coating is more resistant to impact, moisture, chemicals, and UV light than liquid paints. The eco-benefits of powder coating include low to no VOCs, the capability to recapture and reuse overspray and the ability to return exhaust.

Opaque Finishes

Opaque finishes showcase the texture and character created during handcrafting. Aluminum finished in opaque delivers a smooth, modern look in your choice of colors.

The brilliance of Vintage Platinum is stunning.

Soft Gold finish offers a subtle warmth and elegance.

Coastal Outdoor Finishes

Your choice of 6 Coastal Outdoor Finishes
Formulated to resist the harshest environmental conditions with significantly improved durability.

  • Extensively tested in a salt spray chamber where it's subjected to
    • Salinity nearly 50% greater than average sea water
    • 100% humidity
  • Significantly improved durability
  • Required for outdoor fixtures

*Hubbardton Forge Lifetime Limited Warranty has specific requirements for fixtures used outdoors. The outdoor environment can be extremely corrosive. Hubbardton Forge has developed a series of coastal finishes for use in the outdoors. This Limited Warranty will only cover finish defects on outdoor products using our coastal finishes.


Accents are available on some backplates.

This is not all of the finishes.

Colored Glass

Colored glass accents.


Natural Linen
A more traditional natural color fabric option with a coarser weave compared to Hubbardton Forge Natural Anna and Flax fabrics.

Doeskin Micro-suede
Softer, richer fabrics, Hubbardton Forge microsuedes are hand-dyed and distressed to create a subtle patterning. The Doeskin has warm brown and tan overtones, especially when lit.

Terra Micro-suede
A warm brownstone and rust red dyed fabric in the micro-suede family of fabrics. eclipse micro-suede A dark grey alternative in the micro-suede family of fabrics, for those who are looking for a more opaque shade option.

Natural Anna
A more contemporary, white fabric with a tighter, smoother weave compared to the Natural Linen.

Hubbardton Forge's most popular transitional, off-white fabric with the same weave as on the Natural Anna shade.

Spun Frost
A white, non-woven fabric imparts a light, contemporary look and feel. spun amber A warm, amber alternative to the Spun Frost non-woven fabric.

Natural Cork
A renewable natural cork veneer which glows dramatically when lit.

Blown Glass and Art Glass

Opal Glass
The most popular glass choice Hubbardton Forge offers. A neutral flat white when unlit, Opal radiates the warmth of the inner bulb when lit.

Pearl Glass
A matte, light cream color when unlit, it glows warm with very unique, delicate patterns of undulating clouds when lit.

Stone Glass
A transitional glass, Stone has a combination of earthy hues of warm ivory, beige and sand with flecks of grey striations suggesting natural stone when unlit. It takes on a warmer glow when lit.

Seeded Clear Glass
The encapsulated bubbles in our Seeded Clear Glass veil its interior when unlit, but become alive with highlights when illuminated.

Water Glass
Thick, wavy patterns, similar to an antique window, reflect the light with a slight sparkle. Water Glass retains the same characteristics when lit or unlit.

Amber Swirl Art Glass
Shiny-surfaced Amber Swirl Art Glass is a flowing blend of ivory and light caramel colored glass. It provides a warm glow when lit.

White Art Glass
Shiny-surfaced White Art Glass is a lively blend of swirled cool white tones. It gives off a clean, natural light.

Ivory Art Glass
Shiny-surfaced Ivory Art Glass is a blend of antique ivory and cream colored glass with a warm tone that falls between White and Amber Swirl Art Glass.

Topaz Art Glass
Neutral deep brown when unlit,Topaz Art Glass dramatically transforms into a dynamic blend of rich and warm glowing swirls when lit.

Sand Glass
Sand Glass's sandblasted surface is a natural beige-white color when both lit and unlit. The even tones of Sand Glass are a warm alternative to Opal. Sand Glass's overall hue most closely matches that of Stone Glass.

Hand-Blown Glass

AO Glass
A creative collaboration between two Vermont companies, Hubbardton Forge and AO Glass, brings an exquisite collection of lighting fixtures. Combining techniques of sculpting metal and blowing glass by hand, it demonstrates the design possibilities borne from a dedication to hand-crafted quality and artisanal pride. This hand-blown glass is offered in four subtle colors and clear. Other colors, limited only by your imagination, are available on a custom basis.

Please note: Small blemishes and bubbles are inherent in hand-blown glass and are not considered defects. Due to the nature of the glass-making process, the pattern and balance of color in the glass may vary significantly within a piece and from one piece to another. It is the individuality of each piece that is so sought after. Due to the limitations and variations of the photography and printing processes, representations here may not be exact.

Hubbardton Forge Archive Finishes

Some finishes and glass are no longer available.
Discontinued finishes and glass are sometimes available through resellers.

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