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Each Kalco proprietary finish is painstakingly applied by hand. The rich finishes combine up to 14 different layers of paints, protective finishes and powder coats to provide the utmost in durability and longevity. Ask about current fixture appearance and availability.

Kalco Options
Kalco takes pride in offering you a wide variety of design options. Rather than pre-selecting complementary finishes and shades for their designs, Kalco provides you the opportunity to personally select the finish and shade that will best complement your decor.

Indoor Finishes

Custom Finishes

These custom finishes are available on most Kalco indoor products.

Aged Silver (SV)

Antique Brass (AB)

Antique Copper (AC)

Antique Silver Leaf (AF)

Bark (BA)
Brown with a black rub, a perfect organic finish.

Bellagio (BG)

BD - Bronze Dusk

Pearl Silver (PS)

Black (B)
A fresh take on wrought iron black, this new black finish feels more like an anodized finish thanks to it's effective use of slight textures.

Bronze (BZ)

Bronze Gold (BZG)

Brushed Stainless Steel (SL)

Burnished Bronze (BB)

Charcoal (CL)

Chemical Bronze (CB)

Chesnut (CN)

Chrome (CH)

Copper Claret (CC)

Coral (CR)

Etruscan Bronze (EZ)

Flecked Iron (FI)

Florence Gold (FG)

Golden Wheat (GW)

Grecian Bronze (GB)

Hammered Silver (HS)

Hand Rubbed Bronze (HRB)

Havana (HV)
Like a good Cuban tobacco, well cured, aged and mighty in texture.

Heirloom Bronze (HB)

Moon Silver (SM)

MZ - Modern Bronze

Natural Iron (NI)

Old Bronze (OB)

Old Bronze (OB-1)

Oxidized Copper (OC)

Polished Satin Nickel (PSN)

Ponderosa (PD)

Royal Mahogany (RM)

Rugged Iron (RI)

Satin Bronze (SZ)

Satin Nickel (SN)

Sienna Bronze (SB)

Tarnished Brass (TB)

Tarnished Silver (TS)

Tawny Port (TP)

Textured Matte Black (MB)

Tortoise Shell (TO)

Tuscan Gold (TG)

Tuscan Sun (TN)

Vintage Iron (VI)

Volcano Bronze (VB)

Walnut (WT)

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