Tord Boontje Lighting

Tord Boontje Icarus

1 x 60 watt Medium base

16.5" wide x 30" high
15-feet of white cord

Constructed from multiple layers of extruded polyester cut to resemble a bird's wing
Shipped flat packed

Color: White

"Through experimentation with cutting paper to create a three-dimensional form for a light, we discovered a structure with overlapping feather shapes that resembled a swan's wing. We made the form asymmetrical to emphasize this and to make it very dynamic.

"As the light appears as a wing circling a light, the name Icarus seemed an appropriate reference."

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Tord Boontje Garland

1 x 60 watt Medium base

63" long strand
Approximately 10" wide x 12" high when hung
15-feet of white cord

A delicate metal strand of flowers is wrapped around a light bulb to create an organic shade.
Link several Garlands together to create larger chandeliers.
Shipped flat packed

Color: Silver, Gold, Copper, Black, Pink
Material: .3mm thick etched stainless steel

"The inspiration behind the Garland light was a walk in the forest and seeing the sunlight shining through the trees.

"I liked the idea of creating these flowers that encircle a light bulb. At the time when I designed this piece, I was looking for a way to link decoration and technology in order to create something that was not nostalgic.

"I had seen examples of photographically etching metal some years before, these were computer components. I realised that this would be a suitable process and material for my idea.

"Because of the very high precision of the process it was possible to create something that would be impossible to make by hand and therefore could not have existed in the past."

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Tord Boontje Tangle Globe Pendant

1 x 60 watt Medium base

10.63" wide x 9.8" high
Canopy 3.94" wide
78" cord

Color: Gold or Black
Clear Glass, Etched Metal

"Like Victorian nature displays inside glass domes - A light combining the sleek look of clear glass and the delicate appearance of finely etched metal."

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