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Large Modern Pendants

Van Teal 30" Slumped Square Acrylic Pendants

Van Teal makes beautiful acrylic products that rival Murano glass in appearance, but weigh less and are not fragile.

3 or 4 x 100 watt incandescent or 16 watt LED equivalent bulbs

30" wide x 6" high
Overall 72" high max

Weight: 7 pounds

UL listed and approved

Van Teal 815650 Linden Yellow Pendant on Amazon
Acrylic: Lime Web
Finish: Chrome

Van Teal 815550 Water Lily Pendant on Amazon
Acrylic: Pink Splendor
Finish: Chrome

Van Teal 712850 Paradise Pendant on Amazon
Acrylic: Hammered Ice
Finish: Chrome

Eurofase 19800-011 Zazu, 28-Light 44" Pendant, Black/Chrome
From the Illuminazione Collection

Eurofase Chrome and Black Zazu Illuminazione Pendant on Amazon
Eurofase Chrome and White Zazu Illuminazione Pendant on Amazon

28 x 40 watt Candelabra

44" wide x 44" high
Overall 180" high

19800-011 Black/Chrome
19800-028 White/Chrome

-011 Finish: Black/Chrome
-028 Finish: White/Chrome
Shade: Chrome

A complex statement yet simple in design. This sculptural light uses different materials and textures to create the focal point.

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