Books about Galaxy Ceilings

Entertainment Dining
by Martin M. Pegler

On Page 171: "The focal element in all this excitement is the brightly colored sculpture of suspended glass panels surrounding a glittering fiber optic galaxy that radiates from the ceiling. From anywhere in the dining room this sculpture draws the eye and entertains the viewer with its ever changing light play. Lighting, in general, plays a large part in shaping the ambiance..."

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New Kidspace Idea Book
by Wendy A. Jordan

On page 33 see a photo of a "dome dotted with fiber-optic lights."

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Kitty Bartholomew's Decorating Style: A Hands-On Approach to Creating Affordable, Beautiful, and Comfortable Rooms
by Kitty Bartholomew, Kathy Price-Robinson, and Mark Lohman

On page 42: " What's Up with Ceilings?
Decorate Kitty's Way Install a Starry Sky
Once I painted the ceiling of a 17- year-old boy's room deep blue. Then I installed 240 fiber-optic lights in the configuration of constellations."

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Bright Ideas: Professional Lighting Secrets for Your Home
by Sharon McFarlane

On page 6: "The ceiling is also an ideal place to position ambient light. Think, for instance, of the way in which fiber optics can be used to create a "night sky" effect on a ceiling's surface, with each point of light replicating the the twinkle of a single star. It's a wonderflu look and, when used as the olnly light in the room, can make you feel as if you are relaxing under the stars. It is also possible to incorporate light into a ceiling cove or wrap it around the perimeter of the ceiling."

On page 80: "Lighting might be key to (Sharon) Marston's pieces, but she is keen that this is a hidden element, which doesn't detract or take attention away from each piece's unique look. In many instances, fiber optics have proved ideal, as using them means that there are many points of light coming from the one light source, dispersing light throughout the piece."

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Terence Conran Kitchens: The Hub of the Home
by Terence Conran

On page 109: "Fiber-optic lighting can create a magical, starry ambience. Light is shown down the strands of coated fiberglass or acrylic where it emerges only at the ends. This allows the light source to be placed some distance from the light that is emitted, making it cool at point of delivery. Stradns can be touched, bent or used underwater."

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Home Theater Design: Planning and Decorating Media-Savvy Interiors
by Krissy Rushing

On page 99: "The glamour of the big screen comes home. A fiber-optic ceiling and star-themed wallpaper capture the magic of star-studded Hollywood"

On page 126: "A fiber-optic ceiling shows the stars as they were on the night the ship went down, and lamps light the way on the aisles."

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The Color Answer Book: From the World's Leading Color Expert (Capital Lifestyles)
By Leatrice Eiseman

On page 111: "If the concept of changing the colors of your walls to enhance or change a mood really appeals to you there are more sophisticated lighting systems available such as fiber optics fitted with color wheels and color- altering LEDs (light emitting diodes), which can easily be controlled with touch buttons or knobs."

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Home Theater for Dummies
by Danny Briere, Pat Hurley

On page 263: "Chapter 19: Customizing Your Home Theater Environment...starry, starry night . . . Fiber optics can add a really neat effect to any home theater. Here are some ideas..."

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