WAC Lighting Low Voltage Solorail Monorail Installation Instructions & Frequently Asked Questions

Freeform WAC Bronze Solorail Monorail track shown with QP-501 sockets and G530-GR glass

WAC Solorail
Single Circuit Monorail System

WAC Lighting low voltage monorail system can be shaped in the field and designed and cut to navigate curves for custom designs. Solorail is available as components, complete kits and kits that you can add additional pendants or heads to.

The versatile Solorail accommodates your choice of hundreds of Quick Connect pendants and fixtures.
Designed with the thinnest profile in the industry,.5" high and 3/8" wide, Solorail is engineered for rigorous usage in commercial, hospitality and applications. Featuring electroplated solid copper bus bars and CNC precision fabricated components, with a maximum capacity of 25 amperes; or 300 watts at 12 volts and 600 watts at 24 volts.

Available in Dark Bronze, Chrome or Brushed Nickel finish. Easily shaped in the field to fit any space. An ideal modern upgrade on traditional track lighting for, residential and commercial interiors.

Low Voltage Solorail Monorail Installation Instructions

Read all instructions.
Turn off power at main switch before installing or modifying the system.
Do not conceal or extend exposed conductors through a building wall.
Do not install any part of this system less that 7 feet (2.2m above the floor.
Do not install the system:
-Within six inches of any curtain or combustible materials
-In a damp or wet location
After first 1/2 hour of operation, switch off and check all connections for excessive heat.
Loose connections must be tightened to prevent overheating which can damage the system and pose a potential fire hazard. Do not over tighten.
Intended for installation by a qualified electrician.
Installation should be in accordance with NEC and local codes. Use minimum AWG #10 wire for secondary wiring.

Flexible low volt mono rail is a single circuit rail that can be operated from either 12 or 24-volt power supplies, magnetic or electronic, remote or surface mounted.
Mono rail fixtures include rail mounted heads, quick connect heads, and quick connect cable hung pendants. Mono rail mounts to ceilings by use of metal rod stand offs, or cable and may be used on sloped or suspended ceilings.

Design Considerations:
Mono rail is composed of two copper conductors separated by a plastic insulator. It is flexible and bendable. Rail is supplied in 4 or 8 ft lengths and may be field cut. Stand off's are available in 3 to 6 inch lengths, and longer lengths for high ceiling applications. Mono rail maximum loads are 300 watts at 12 volts and 600 watts at 24 volts. Rail is 25 amp rated. Voltage drop is an important consideration in the initial design. The length of a monorail run depends on the distance from the transformer and the wattage load. Wire gauge size is also a factor in how far a remote transformer may be located from the rail. Consult the voltage drop guideline chart.

Transformer Selection Guide:
Either electronic or magnetic transformers can power mono rail. Electronics are smaller than magnetic. The larger magnetic transformers have greater wattage capacities. There is a lesser degree of voltage drop in a magnetic transformer, making them a more practical choice for longer runs (see voltage drop guidelines). Electronic transformers offer quieter operation than magnetics, making them a more practical choice for quiet settings. Magnetic transformers generally contain less components making them among the most reliable power sources.

Either transformer can be used with dimmer switches. An electronic transformer will work with most standard incandescent dimmers. A magnetic transformer generally requires a low voltage dimmer specifically made for magnetic loads. However some of our remote magnetic transformers have the ability to be dimmed with standard incandescent dimmers. Consult our factory for details.

Because the mono rail system works with 12 or 24 volts we offer transformers for either voltage. The maximum amperage of the rail is 25 amps. You may run 600 watts on a 24 volt system (25 amps) or 300 watts on a 12 volt system ( also 25 amps). Our 600 watt transformers are offered in 12 or 24 volts, however the 12 volt version has two outputs with 300 watts available at each.

Transformers are available as surface mounts or remote. Surface mount transformers mount to a junction box, due to their weight it is important that the box be adequately secured to the ceiling structure.

Most of our remote magnetic transformers have a boost tap option, which allows the transformer to be wired for a slightly higher (approximately 10%)voltage output to compensate for voltage drop. To use see instructions furnished with the transformer.

Transformer Selection Guideline
Model Type Input Output Max Watts
LM-EN12-150M Surface mount magnetic 120V 12V 150W
LM-EN12-300M Surface mount magnetic 120V 12V 300W
LM-EN24-300M Surface mount magnetic 120V 24V 300W
LM-EN12-600M Surface mount magnetic 120V 12V 600W dual output
LM-EN24-600M Surface mount magnetic 120V 24V 600W
LM-EN12-150E Surface mount electronic 120V 12V 150W
LM-EN12-250E Surface mount electronic 120V 12V 250W
SRT-300M-12V Remote magnetic 120V 12V 300W
SRT-300M-24V Remote magnetic 120V 24V 300W
SRT-500M-12/24V Remote magnetic 120V 12V/24 500W dual voltage
SRT-600M-12/24V Remote magnetic 120V 12V/24 600W dual voltage
SRT-1000M-12/24V Remote magnetic 120V 12V/24 1000W dual voltage
LM-EN12-150M 12V 150W MAGNETIC 40'
LM-EN12-150E 12V 150W ELECTRONIC 20'
LM-EN12-250E 12V 250W ELECTRONIC 16'
LM-EN12-300M 12V 300W MAGNETIC 40'
LM-EN12-600M 12V 2 x 300W MAGNETIC 2 x 40'
LM-EN24-300M 24V 300W MAGNETIC 50'
LM-EN24-600M 24V 600W MAGNETIC 50'
REMOTE TRANSFORMERS- to power feed point
10 8 6 4 2 1  
SRT-300M-12V* 12V 300W MAGNETIC 9' 10' 25' 40' 60' 100' 40'
SRT-300M-24V* 24V 300W MAGNETIC 15' 20' 40' 60' 100' 150' 80'
SRT-500M-12/24V* 12V 2 x 250W MAGNETIC 9' 10' 25' 40' 60' 100' 2 x 40 '
SRT-500M-12/24V* 24V 1 x 500W MAGNETIC 9' 10' 25' 40' 60' 100' 40'
SRT-600M-12/24V* 12/V 2 x 300W MAGNETIC 9' 10' 25' 40' 60' 100' 2 x 40'
SRT-600M-12/24V* 24V 1 x 600W MAGNETIC 9' 10' 25' 40' 60' 100' 40'
SRT-1000M-12/24V* 12V 4 x 250W MAGNETIC 9' 10' 25' 40' 60' 100' 4 x 40'
SRT-1000M-12/24V* 24V 2 x 500W MAGNETIC 9' 10' 25' 40' 60' 100' 2 x 40'
* Transformers with booth tap option increases voltage approximately 10%.
Remote transformer data based on a full load with 5% max voltage drop.
Surface mount data based on full load to end of rail.
Debuzzing coil:
Inherent with all magnetic transformers is an audible buzz, mostly when dimmed. To lessen the noise, our surface mount transformers are supplied with a factory installed debuzzing coil (or choke). The debuzzing coil is an option on remote magnetic transformers. Debuzzing coils are installed between the switch and transformer on the black (hot) primary wire.

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