Ceiling Medallions

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Ekena Millworks Odessa CM07OD/169881 Ceiling Medallion

CM07OD $4.61

7 1/2" OD x 2 1/2" ID x 1 1/8" P Odessa Ceiling Medallion

Ekena Millworks Ekena Millworks CM12LE/169872 Ceiling Medallion

CM12LE $16.00

12 3/4" OD x 7/8" P Legacy Acanthus Ceiling Medallion

Ekena Millworks CM17PR/152744 Ceiling Medallion

CM17PR $20.61

17 1/2" OD x 3 1/2" ID x 1" P Preston Ceiling Medallion

Focal Point Anemone Medallion 85112

85112 Anemone $40.00

Focal Point 85112 Anemone Mini Ceiling Medallion

Diameter 11 3/4"
Projection 1 3/8"

Focal Raleigh Medallion 82345 from the Victorian Collection

82345 Raleigh $112.58

Canopy 5 1/2"
Width 45"
Hole 1"

Due to European craftsmen traveling to America, elaborate ornamentation became a possibility for many. With them they brought the Victorian elements represented within the Victorian Society in America Collection - heavy ornamentation featuring flowers, plants and vegeTables.

Victorian architecture is reflective of French, British and American architectural styles that transitioned the 19th and 20th Centuries - Second Empire, Romanesque Revival, Queen Anne and Stick & Shingle designs. Featuring varied roof lines, applied ornament, complex cornices and contrasting paint applications, structures had a unique flavor that easily flowed across the country and the world. Victorian design is a reflection of what many Americans felt about themselves at the end of the 19th Century - substantial, prosperous and very sure of their place in the world - a visual statement easily distinguishable in today's design.statement in today's homes. Focal Point is pleased to present several designs in its Colonial Williamsburg® Collection, reminiscent of Colonial and Georgian architecture.

Focal Point Rachael Medallion 81067

81067 Rachael $270.05

Canopy 5 1/4"
Width 67 1/2"
Hole 4 3/8"

Basic Medallion Installation: Instructions

Apply desired paint finish before installing. Minor touch up can be made once Medallion is installed. (Do not use lacquer based paints)

Cut Center Hole
If Medallion has no center hole drill hole in the center using a spade or twist bit. The hole should be large enough to allow wiring and threaded bolt(s) to pass through.

Hang Medallion

  1. Before connecting wires (1) to power source, slip the Medallion over hanger bar or chain (2) of fixture. Screw the Medallion to the wallboard using trim head screws. Note: On plaster ceilings it may be necessary to use toggle bolts or hollow wall anchors. Pre-drill Medallion.

  2. Connect fixture wires to power source and hang fixture according to manufacturer's instructions. Slide loop ring (4) up hanger bar and secure firmly in place, tightening loop ring. Canopy (3) is optional. Note: Because some of the screws supplied with canopy covers are not long enough to screw into the ceiling when a Medallion is used, you may need to purchase longer screws.

Final Touch-Up
Countersink nails and fill with spackle. Use paintable caulk where the Medallion meets the ceiling. Prime, where necessary, and paint with any high quality latex or oil based paint.

Important Information
Ceiling Medallions are a decorative element only, they will NOT support a light fixture or fan. <br> (Light fixture or fan must be securely supported by the ceiling, NOT the Medallion only.)

Check local electrical codes on the use of Medallions before installing.

When installing your Medallion over an existing fixture, disconnect and take the fixture down.

ALWAYS turn off the electricity at the fuse or circuit breaker box before installing, not just the switch.

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