Path Lights

Path & Garden Outdoor Lighting

Decorative or whimsical, garden lighting to enhance your landscaping.

Landscape Lighting Path Lights

Path Lighting from Kichler, Hadco, Dabmar and other manufacturers. LED , Xenon, Fluorescent, 12Volt, 120Volt, 220Volt and more.

Solar Path Lights & Garden Stake Lights

Solar Path Lights & Garden Stake Lights

Nothing is easier than Solar Path Lights. Easy to install, no wires to run. If you remember old solar lights of the past, think again! New energy saving LED makes solar lighting better than ever at very affordable prices.

 Beach & Nautical Path Lights

Coastal Style Path Lights
Beach & Nautical Path Lights

Beach influenced path lights with shells or nautical inspired walkway lights. Cast aluminum to stand up to any conditions or die-cast brass with spun copper shades.

Hadco Mission Style Landscape Lighting - Low Voltage, Line Voltage and LED landcape lighting, path lighting and deck lighting to coordinate with your Mission Style or Arts and Crafts Style.

Art Deco & Mission Style Landscape Lighting

Low Voltage, Line Voltage and LED landcape lighting, path lighting and deck lighting to coordinate with your Mission Style or Arts and Crafts Style.

Dabmar Bollards

Dabmar Bollards

Perfect for path, walkway, driveway and entrance area lighting. Bollards are an excellent durable choice for commercial or residential lighting.

Dabmar Bollards

SLV Bollards

SLV Rusty Bollards recreates harbor bollards. They are appropriate in a variety of architectural settings. They are made of cast FeCSi-steel and are extremely weather proof.

Hadco Downlytes (Down Lights) - Attach to house or outbuildings to light landscaping or provide security lighting.

Hinkley Hardy Island Landscape Lighting Collection

Spot lights, flood lights and wall wash lights coordinate with pathlights, well lights, deck lights, steplights and brick lights for a complete landscape lighting design.

Nexus Landscape Lighting

Nexus Landscape Lighting

High quality, high style aluminum path lights, deck lights, wall lights and sign lights. LED Finished in bronze.

Nexus Landscape Lighting

WAC Lighting Path Lights

Safe, low voltage energy efficient LED path lights in solid brass or corrosion resistant aluminum alloy for residential or commercial use. Plenty of light with very low energy use, LEDs are rated for 60,000 hours. Factory sealed and water tight, IP66 rated to stand up to even the most powerful water jets. Includes mounting stake, lead wire and direct burial gel filled wire nuts.

Hinkley Lighting Transformers & Accessories

Composite and Stainless Steel transformers, automatic timers and photocells, stakes, stems, lenses and louvers for - Nearly 100 years ago, Hinkley lighting was a small family outdoor lantern company. Now they are a a global brand bringing you the best in style, quality and value. Staying at the forefront of technology, Hinkley continues to utilize the best engineering expertise to offer a wide variety of long-lasting landscape lighting.

Kichler Lighting Transformers & Accessories

Kichler Lighting Transformers & Accessories

Kichler transformers, timers, photocells, synchronizers, cable and wire connectors to work with path lights, landscape lighting, step lights, mini step lights, brick lights and undercabinet lights by Kichler and other companies.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting from Besa, Fine Art Lamps, Kalco, Kichler and more. Every style, finish and price point to set off your home.

Landscape & Architectural Lighting

Landscape lighting, bullets, flood lights, inground lights, wall washers, deck lights, down lights, hanging lights, tree lights, underwater lights and more.

Step Lights, Mini Step Lights, Brick Lights

Brick Lights, Step Lights and Wall lights for every indoor and outdoor application. An overview of Step Lights & Wall Lights - LED , Xenon and other options, 12 volt and line voltage. Compare products, options and prices.

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