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STAS Multirail Picture Rail with Lights

STAS Multirail Picture Hanging System with Lights on Amazon

Hangs artworks and powers lights

STAS Multirail is a globally patented picture hanging system equipped with integrated power supply wires.

Lighting fixtures can be clicked into the rail at any spot to illuminate your wall decorations.

The STAS Multirail System includes these components:

Picture Rail
Segments are 6.5-feet long (78.75")
Available in White or Natural Aluminum (Silver)
Rail hangs artwork and powers lights
Rail comes with installation parts, end caps and joining segments
Can run along curved walls
Corner segments available for 90 degree turns

One 45 watt transformer will power up to 10 Lights and up to 8 segments, 52.5-feet of picture rail.

Picture Lights
4-watt 12 volt LED picture lights click into track at any point.

Hooks and Cords
Cords connect to the rail and hold hooks
Cords slide along rail
Hooks adjust up and down cords
Hook and Cord Sets can hold up to 44 lbs
Multiple paintings can be suspended from a single cord
Large artwork can be secured with two cords

Two Year Warranty

Tech Lighting Wall Monorail Picture Lighting

Run monorail along the wall to power light elements.

Various lights can be moved, aimed or adjusted. Choose from colorful and decorative accessories and functional optical controls.

Shown: Tech Lighting Wall MonoRail in Antique Bronze, End Caps, Remote 300 Watt 12 Volt Transformer, 2" Square Single-Feed Canopy, Wall MonoRail Standoffs, Wally Lite Heads with MR16 Lamps

Wall Mounted Track Light

WAC TBKT Track Wall Suspension Bracket

WAC White 24" Track Wall Mount Bracket on Amazon
WAC Brushed Nickel 24" Track Wall Mount Bracket on Amazon
WAC Dark Bronze 24" Track Wall Mount Bracket on Amazon
WAC Black 24" Track Wall Mount Bracket on Amazon

Using the WAC TBKT Track Suspension Bracket any Halo, Juno, Lightolier or compatible track can be wall mounted. Ideal for picture lighting or wall grazing effects. An effective lighting solution where very high ceilings create an ambient lighting problem.

Track accommodates line or low voltage heads. Quick connect transformers allow fixtures from the Quick Connect system to be used. Select from any Track Head or Quick Connect Track Head.

TBKT Track Suspension Bracket supports track and fixtures. Extension 24" from wall. Use two per 4-foot Length, three per 8-foot Length.

TBKT: Brushed Nickel, Dark Bronze, Black or White

Monorail Picture Lighting

Use monorail to hold aimable lights. Lights can be moved and adjusted.

Choose from colorful and decorative accessories and functional optical controls.

Shown: Tech Lighting MonoRail in Satin Nickel, End Caps, Remote 300 Watt 12 Volt Transformer, 24" Power Extenders, 4" Round Single-Feed Canopy, 24" Rigid Standoffs, 3"Cam Heads with MR16 Lamps

Track Lighting Picture Lighting

Use track to hold aimable lights. Lights can be moved and adjusted.

Functional optical controls like barndoors and framing projectors allow light control.

Shown: WAC Dark Bronze Track Lighting with Silo LED track lights. Available in Halo, Juno and Lightolier compatible.

Catalina Spotlight 18775-012 can be mounted on a wall, placed on the floor or on shelf or table
Catalina Lighting Multipurpose Spotlights on Amazon

Wall or Ceiling Spotlights and Spotlight Clusters

These spotlights can be installed on the ceiling or a wall to direct light on a picture. Some are available as pin-up wall lights.

Kichler 7704OZ Olde Bronze Rail Light 4-Light from the Hatteras Bay Collection
Wall or Ceiling Mount

Wall or Ceiling Fixed Monorail with Spotlights

Fixed monorail has almost as much flexibility as track and monorail, except you can't add or move the lights.

Available to mount from the ceiling or a wall.

Table or Floor Spotlights

Place these lights on a table or floor to spotlight pictures.

Framing Projector Picture Lights

Framing Projectors use focusing lenses and metal shims to light just a picture and not the wall.

Create a square or rectangular light area to illuminate artwork or displays. Frame a crisp edge with no light spillage, making paintings look as if they are self-illuminating.

Available as complete fixtures or as accessory optical controls that can be used on tracklights, wall or ceiling spotlights.

Recessed Lighting for Picture Lighting

Recessed is the most unobtrusive lighting and is available with more control than you might think.

Recessed spot lighting can be used to light a single piece of artwork. Recessed flood lighting can light a gallery wall. Both provide indirect lighting for the rest of the room.

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