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DC Slim Ceiling Fan & DC Slim Flush Mount ("Hugger") Ceiling Fan
from The Modern Fan Company (Retired)

DC Slim Modern Fan in Brushed Aluminum

DC Slim Ceiling Fan
from The Modern Fan Company

DC Slim Ceiling Fans from The Modern Fan Company on Amazon

DCS Base Price
Includes flush mount adapter, 4.5" and 9" down rods

GW Gloss White
BA Brushed Aluminum

Blade Span
52 52" Span

Blade Color
WH White
AL Aluminum

Light Option

Control Option
DCR Handheld Remote

Controls for DC Slim Fan
The DC Slim includes the #DCR handheld remote control, providing six speeds, on/off light and reverse function.

Energy information (52" at high speed)

  • Airflow: 5909 cubic feet per minute
  • Electricity use: 26 watts (excludes lights)
  • Airflow efficiency: 226 cubic feet per minute per watt

The DC Slim includes a hugger adapter, 5" & 9" downrods, yielding 16", 20" & 24" overall lengths.
Accessory down-rods are available for longer overall lengths.

The DC Slim fan is available with 42" or 52" blade spans in white or aluminum.

Light Options for Cloud Fan

DC Slim Modern Fan in Gloss White

ES 2 x 26 watt CFL

  • 18W GU24 Energy Saving CFL

Example DCS-GW-52-AL-ES-DCR DC Slim Fan; Gloss White Finish; 52" Aluminum Blades; 18W GU24 Energy Saving CFL; DC Slim Remote Control (2-wire)

Controls for DC Slim Fans

#DCR For DC Slim Handheld Remote Control

  • For DC Slim only
  • Designed for independent operation of a fan and light using only one circuit (two wires).
  • Provides six speeds, on/off light and reverse function.
  • Comes with a wall hanging bracket.

Energy Information

DC Slim / DC Slim Flush Mount ("Hugger")

Watts: 26
CFM: 5909
CFM/Watt: 226

Ceiling fan manufacturers are required by federal law to publish the energy information for their products in a standardized format, including watts used, cubic feet of air moved per minute (CFM) and a resulting CFM per watt efficiency value. The test results are gathered in a controlled environment and are intended to help consumers and specifiers compare products. However, keep in mind that in a real world installation there are a number of additional factors that will affect air movement patterns and volume.

All Modern Fan products move air in the upper range of fans on the market. While emerging DC motor fans (like our DC Slim) are reaching new levels of efficiency, it's important to remember that all ceiling fans are inherently efficient and use very little electricity to begin with. Choosing Fluorescent lamps instead of incandescent (tungsten) or halogen equivalents represents the greatest opportunity for energy savings.

The test data to the left represents electricity useage of the motor only (independent of any lighting component). Assume 52" blade span unless indicated otherwise.

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