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Kichler Water Lights

Kichler VLO LED Underwater Accent

Kichler Warm White VLO LED Underwater Accent Lights on Amazon

16027SS27 - 60° Stainless Steel

Kichler Cool White VLO LED Underwater Accent Lights on Amazon

16027SS30 - 60° Stainless Steel

Level 1 = 1.5W/3.5VA, 100 lm, 66 lm/W
Level 2 (VLO factory setting) = 3W/5VA, 200 lm, 66 lm/W
Level 3 = 5.5W/7.5VA, 400 lm, 72 lm/W

2" wide x 2" long x 2" high

Included Accessories
4000-volt System Surge Protection
Removable 316 Stainless Steel Adjustable Bracket and Cowl, 2 Gel-Filled Wire Nuts, Locknut, and Magnetic Key
18 AWG, 105°C, 300V, 25' usable length, SJTW or SJOW

Optional Accessory (not included, sold seperately)
Weighted Base 16084BK


Kichler LED Light Emitting Diode Landscape 12-Volt LED 2-in-1 LED Accent 15711SS

Kichler LED 2-in-1 LED Accent Light on Amazon
Kichler Bright White LED 2-in-1 LED Accent Light on Amazon

15711SS Stainless Steel
15711SS27 Stainless Steel
15711SS42 Stainless Steel

1.85" x 1.275" x 1.9"

Designed for underwater use in ponds, fountains, and other water features. Can also be used out of water – ideal for wood decks and overhangs.

The Design Pro LED Advantage:

  • More light output than a 10W MR16
  • 40,000 hour life**
  • Filled and sealed with two types of premium encapsulate to ensure fixture is completely watertight*
  • Rugged stainless steel housing – no corrosion or finish deterioration due to UV
  • Tested safe for aquatic wildlife including plants and fish
  • Small footprint – fixture can be tucked into very tight spaces
  • Integrated driver – no remote driver required
  • Competitive price point
  • ETL tested to conform to UL 1838 & CSA C22.2 #250.7
  • 15 Year Warranty on complete fixture including housing, LEDs, drivers and electronic components

Housing: Stainless steel housing with integrated cowl

Integrated LEDs and Driver
38.4 lumens per watt as measured at fixture
High CRI (mid 80s) and tight color consistency
3000K color temp (+220/-175)

Power Usage at 12V AC Input
VA Total: 4.9
Watts Total: 3.4

Wiring: 25ft of usable #18-2, SPT-2-W leads

Kichler Weighted Base for Up to 3 Lights on Amazon
Kichler Weighted Base for 1 Light on Amazon

Optional Mounting Accessories available.

15711SS with 15778 BK Underwater Light Accessory

Kichler 15776 BK Underwater Landscape 12V LED Accessory

Kichler Adjustable Weighted Base for Up to 3 Lights on Amazon

15776BK Black Material (Not Painted)

Unique heavy weighted 3 pronged underwater accessory for 2 or 3 fixtures to give maximum flexibility and directional capability.

Weighted accessory for two or three 15711SS LED Lights is appropriate for underwater use.

Finish: Black Material (Not Painted)
UL CSA Listed
3.5" wide x 2.75" high x Length 3.5"
Body Material: Plastic

Kitchler LED Underwater Base 15775BK5 Accessory

Kichler Weighted Base for 1 Light on Amazon

15775BK5 Black Material (Not Painted)

Finish: Black Material (Not Painted)
UL CSA Listed
wide 3.367" x Height 1.33"
Body Material: Polycarbonate

Kichler 1-Light 12V MR16 Underwater Pond Light 15191BK

Kichler MR16 Underwater Pond Light on Amazon

4" wide x 5" high

15191BK Black Material (Not Painted)

Creates dramatic effects in or near water features. Rated UL 676 submersible-approved. Use with Kichler Pro Series submersible rated transformer.

Housing: Components of durable high heat thermoplastic composite resin. Lamp shielded by a heat-resistant flat glass lens fully sealed for watertight outdoor and underwater usage.

Finish: Black
Diffuser: Heat resistant clear flat glass
1 x 12V x 50w max MR16
Wiring: 25' of #18-2, STW leads, 12-Volt bi-pin, high temperature porcelain socket
Extra Lead 300"
Body Material: Thermoplastic Composite Resin

UL CSA Listed

NOT for pool or spa use.

See Hadco Photometric Data >
(PDF will open in a new window.)
Photometrics for MR11, MR16, PAR36, PAR20, R40 and R20
Learn how Wide the beam from each bulb can spread.

12-volt Water Lighting - Pond lights, underwater lights, and floating lights from Kichler to enhance your water features.

Let Kichler Water Lighting bring out the best features of your water features, ponds and fountains. Submerge Kichler Underwater Lights to bring a waterfall to life after dark. Add pond lights in charming shapes like a heron or a fish to add nighttime interest. Let Kichler quality bring something magical to your garden and waterscapes.

Kichler's new, expanded line of professional-grade water fixtures applies the latest warm white light LED technology to this challenging application. This low profile, versatile water fixture with 40, 000 hour life for minimum maintenance and maximum durability.

Be sure to follow proper instructions and use transformers rated for use with underwater lights (Kichler Pro Series). Not for use in pools or spas.


15777 SS Out of Water Mounting Bracket Accessory

15777SS Stainless Steel

Stainless steel easy mount bracket for use above ground on any surface – ideal for wood and masonry when used on decks, patios or overhangs.

Finish Stainless Steel
wide 1.5" x Height 1.437" x Length 2.5"
UL CSA Listed
Material: Stainless Steel

Kichler 15778 BK Underwater Single-fixture Weighted Base Accessory

15778BK Black Material (Not Painted)

Heavy weight 1 prong underwater light accessory for standard installations. Provides advanced directional capability.

Finish: Black Material (Not Painted)
UL CSA Listed
Body Material: Plastic

15711SS with 15778 BK Underwater Light Accessory

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