Track Lighting & Track Kits

Pro Track Callum Track Light Kit with Spotlights and Pendants

Pro Track Callum Kit with Track, Spotlights and Pendants on Amazon

45" wide track section
Floating canopy
Spotlights 2.25" wide x 5" high
Pendants 2.25" wide x 5" high, overall up to 48" from ceiling

6 x 8.5 watt GU10 LED bulbs
680 lumens, 3000K, 90 CRI
40-degree beam spread
Comparable to a 75 watt incandescent

Finish: Silver or White
Aluminum material

Satco Nuvo Three Light Track Kit
Halo Compatible

Satco Nuvo Black or Silver Three Light Track Kit in on Amazon
Satco Nuvo White or Black Three Light Track Kit on Amazon
Satco Nuvo White LED Three Light Track Kit on Amazon

TK403 White
TK404 Black
TK407 Brushed Nickel

Each Track Head includes a 12 watt, 3060 Lumen circular LED Modular Lamp, included
Dimmable, Long life of 30,000 hours, Integrated LED Lights

48" track
Track Heads 3" wide x 2.88" high

Kit includes

  • 1 x 4-ft track
  • 3 x LED track heads
  • 1 x floating canopy
  • All necessary hardware (wires, mounting brackets, screws, wire connectors, toggle bolts)

3 Year Warranty

WAC Lighting Charge 8010 Track Pack 3 Light Track Kit

WAC Lighting Charge Track Pack 3 Light Track Kit on Amazon

H-8010/3-30-BK Black
H-8010/3-30-WT White

Kit includes:

  • 3 x Charge 8010 Track Heads
    H-8010-30-BK or H-8010-30-WT
  • 4-foot Halo compatible track
    Aluminum extrusion with copper bus wire
    May be field cut and easily installed on a variety of surfaces
    End caps and mounting hardware included
    HT4-BK or HT4-WT
  • Floating Canopy
    Connects to octagon box.
    Allows track to be powered anywhere along the length of the track
    HFC-BK or HFC-WT

Additional Track Heads can be added.

3 x 11 watt LED
Integrated LED
Rated Life: 50000 Hours
Input: 120 VAC, 50/60Hz
Dimming: TRIAC: 100-5%, ELV: 100-5%

Die-cast aluminum with frosted TIR lens

Finish: Black or White
Electrostatically Powder Coated

Halo compatible

350° horizontal and 90° vertical aiming
Driver concealed within the fixture

Charge 8010 track heads offer superior light output in a small, unobtrusive design. Developed for residential spaces and lower-mounted commercial applications.

5 year warranty
UL & cUL Damp Location Listed

WAC 15' Cord with Plug for Track Lighting

WAC Track Cord with Plug on Amazon
WAC Track Cord with Plug and Switch on Amazon

Just wire to the cord instead of to wires in an outlet box, attach to the wall or ceiling and plug it in!

15-foot cord
Compatible with H series Halo or J Series Juno type track.

LCORDSET with Switch
15-foot cord with in-line switch
Compatible with L Series Lightolier type track.

  • Power: 800W
  • Input: 120 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Max. capacity 7A, 800W, 120V

Finish BK-Black, WT-White

Lithonia Lighting LTIKBELL Integrated LED Bell Spot Track Kit

Lithonia Lighting Track Kits on Amazon

Kit includes:

1 x 44" oil-rubbed bronze track (120V)
1 x floating feed
3 x LTIHBELL integrated dimmable LED adjustable track heads

8.3W, 440 lumens, 2700K

Tilt: 60 degrees
Pan: 350 degrees

Expected life: 35,000 hours - L70 lumens depreciation design criteria.
Lumen output: 440 lumens
Color temperature (CCT): 2700 K
CRI: 80

120 VAC 60Hz 8.3 watts
Actual wattage may differ by +10%/-15% when operating between 110-120V +/- 10%
Dimmable down to 20%

This fresh and innovative track head combines aesthetics with superior functionality for applications such as specialty retail, grocery, galleries, museums, hospitality, residential and educational environments.

Low-profile lamp holder with integral electronic driver is made of steel.

ENERGY STAR® certified
Dry location
5-year limited warranty

C ETL US listed to UL1574 Track Lighting Standard

Lithonia Lighting LTKSTBF-LED LED Lamp Step Baffle Track Kit

Lithonia Lighting Baffle Track Kits on Amazon
Lithonia Lighting Track Kits on Amazon

Multi-directional 3-head metal step baffle shade kit using a BR30 LED to shed light in desired areas of any application.

Kit includes:

1 x 44" track (120V)
1 x floating feed
3 x LTHSTBF BR20 or BR30 LED adjustable track heads

Low-profile injection-molded track mounting adaptor compatible with Lithonia Lighting track series (LTS) and Cooper Lighting Halo H L641 and L651 Track.

E-26 medium-base porcelain socket for use with BR30 LED lamp (3-lamps included).
Electrical System: 12.5 watt (850L) high efficiency integral driver 110-120VAC.
Actual wattage may differ by +10%/-15% when operating between 110-120V +/- 10%.
Dimmable down to 10%.

This fresh and innovative track head combines aesthetics with superior functionality for applications such as specialty retail, galleries, museums, hospitality, residential and educational environments. Paired with Lithonia LED lamps, the LTKSTBF provides high-quality, eco-friendly lighting solutions.

Low-profile lamp holder with integral electronic driver is made of steel.

Dry location
3-year limited warranty

C ETL US listed to UL1574 Track Lighting Standard

Customize Your Track Lighting System

Ceiling mounted track lighting with adjustable spotlight fixtures and pendants are an excellent choice for both residential and commercial use. There are an unbelievable variety of attractive and functional fixures available.

Track lights make it easy to make changes in your lighting. You can mix pendants and track heads to direct light on specific areas.

Design your track layout.

Determine your mounting.

  • Track can be attached to the ceiling, suspended or mounted off the wall.
  • If the track is to be suspended, determine how far from the ceiling you would you like your track to run. A kit is available with everything you need to suspend track up to 48" or even more using Extension rods. A sloped ceiling adapter is available.
  • Attach directly to T-bar drop ceilings using the correct attachment.
  • Wall mount brackets extend track 24" from the wall.

Select your power feed.

  • A floating canopy can be connected anywhere along the length of the track.
  • A live end connector brings power to the end of a track.
  • Power can also be supplied at the connection of two tracks.
  • You can power track using a 15' cord with plug and switch wired to a live end connector.
  • A current limiter is available if needed. If the track is overloaded, the current limiter circuit breaker will trip and shut down power to the track.
  • Track lighting is a line voltage system. No transformer is required.

Choose your lights.

  • Decide where the fixtures should be installed to put light where you want it.
  • Select from hundreds of low and line voltage pendants and fixtures.
  • Extension stems can extend fixtures up to 48" from the track or even more using Extension rods.
  • Add optional colorful and decorative accessories and functional optical controls.
  • Adapters allow fixtures from many companies to be used on the same track.
  • Use nearly any pendant, whether it is designed for track or not using an adapter. If the pendant is heavier, add a hook suspending the pendant exactly where you want it.

(Or start with fixtures and accessories, then decide which layout will best support them.)

Identify Types of Track Lighting

There are 3 standard types of track lighting. If you are adding to an existing system you will need to determine which type of track lighting you have.

Single Circuit Track

120V Single Circuit has a 20 Amp capacity. It is available compatible with Halo, Juno or Lightolier.

Two-Circuit Track

Juno compatible 2-Circuit track carries two circuits that can be used independently (up to 2400 watts on each circuit) or jointly switched (up to a total of 4800 watts) used together. This can give you more control, allowing different pendants or lights on a single track to be controled by different switches or more capacity allowing more lights on a single track.

WAC Lighting W Track 2-Circuit Architectural Track System

W Track Surface Mount or Recessed Two Circuit 120V / 277V Architectural Track
Heavy duty architectural grade track with two independently controllable circuits. Recess, surface mount or suspend from stems or cables.

  • Provides two separate 20 AMP circuits.
  • Power per Circuit: 1920W max (120V), 4432W max (277V)
  • Operating Current: Each circuit is rated 20A (2 x 20A = 40A max)
  • Each circuit can be independently switched.
  • Extruded aluminum construction
  • Available in black powder coat, white powder coat, or platinum anodized finishes.

Surface Mount

Recessed: Flanged or Flangeless

  • Clean recessed architectural look in a flanged or flangeless installation.
  • Flangeless is 100mm (wide) by 43mm (height). 

Length 4 - 4ft, 8 - 8ft, 12 - 12ft - May be field cut
Track Type: RT - Flanged, RTL - Flangeless, Surface Mount which may be suspended from stems or cables
Finish: BK-Black, PT-Platinum, WT-White
Each section includes two matching end caps.

Available in connectable four, eight or twelve foot sections which may be field cut to exactly the length you want.

W Track Surface Mount Two Circuit Architectural Track

W Track Recessed Series Flanged Design

W Track Recessed Series Spackled in Flangeless Design

WAC Lighting Track Collection

WAC Lighting's extensive track collection includes hundreds of different models. Whether you are looking for a fixture that has a certain style or fixture that is suited for a specific task, WAC Lighting has the ideal choice. The extensive collection of track fixtures is available in a wide range of designer finishes and lamping options.

WAC Lighting Track Lighting with Low Voltage Track Heads

WAC Lighting Low Voltage Track Heads are a stylish and versatile choice for your lighting needs. Ideal for residential, and hospitality applications, a wide variety of choices are vailable in Bronze, Platinum, Brushed Nickel, Black or White finishes. - Five year warranty

WAC Lighting Track Lighting with Line Voltage Track Heads

Ideal for or display applications, WAC Lighting Line Voltage Track Heads come in a variety of lamp sizes and styles. Models are available in single circuit Halo or Halo compatible, Juno or Juno compatible or Lightolier or Lightolier compatible. 2 circuit track is available in Juno compatible. They may be compatible to fit on existing track installations. - Five year warranty

WAC Lighting Track Lighting with Metal Halide & HID Track Heads

WAC Lighting Metal Halide & HID Track Heads feature a choice of electronic ballasts for superior power regulation for significant energy savings and longer lamp life. High CRI PAR metal halide lamps puts out an amazing amount of light. A variety of beam spreads for effects from spot to wide flood. The energy efficient choice for highlighting merchandise or architectural details in a commercial or residential application. - Five year warranty

WAC Lighting LED Track Lighting

WAC Lighting LED Track Heads next generation accent and display lighting fixtures, LEDme Track Lights are thermally energy efficient, long lasting and deliver a strong light output with a color temperature similar to incandescent lamping. These fixtures are perfect for effective displays, high-end residential accent lighting and displays in museums, hotels and restaurants. High quality LEDs offer beams free of projected heat and ultraviolet radiation. Perfect for colored or heat sensitive merchandise such as perishables, apparel or artwork. - Five year warranty

Line Voltage Track Pendants

WAC Lighting Line Voltage Track Pendants

These line voltage pendants can be plugged directly into Halo, Juno, Lightolier or other popular 120 volt track lighting systems without the need for an adapter.

Available in white, amber or blue mouth blown, etched and cased glass or Brushed Nickel, Copper Bronze finish metal. These pendants can use any Medium base .

Pendant Adapter

WAC Track Suspension Loop

WAC Halo, Juno and Lightolier compatible Track Suspension Loops on Amazon

  • H-LOOP Halo® compatible
  • J-LOOP Juno® compatible
  • L-LOOP Lightolier® compatible

Hang any chain hung fixture from new or existing track.

3-inch electrical loop accepts chain hung fixtures, 35 pounds maximum.


Finish: Black, Dark Bronze, Brushed Nickel or White

Halo® compatible Juno® compatible Lightolier® compatible

How to Use Track Lighting

Accent Lighting: To be effective accent lighting should be approximately four times the level of the ambient light in the area. The higher level on the accented objector area achieved with a beam of light draws attention to the picture, vase, or any item you desire to highlight.

Task Lighting: High levels of concentrated light for work areas such as store counters or kitchen islands is achieved by providing additional fixtures in a smaller specific area. The increased lighting level enhances or simply helps in the task to be accomplished.

Wall Grazing: The term " grazing" refers to the dramatic highlight and shadow effects on surfaces such as draperies, stone and brick. Grazing creates easily distinguishable high and low levels of light on the surface.

Wall Washing: This technique produces a relatively smooth, even level of illumination on the wall. Wall washing reduces the texture of the surface.

Track Lighting is easily installed on sheetrock, plaster, wood or suspended ceilings.

Electrical connections are available to supply power anywhere on a single track or a run. Track can be field cut to shorter Lengths.

Track Head Extension are available for many popular heads.

Swivel Adapters are available to accommodate sloped ceilings.

How to Design Track Lighting

Choose track system

L, H and J single circuit track systems
J2 two circuit system

Track Design Layout

Determine track layout.
Choose appropriate connectors.
Mark along the ceiling to indicate the placement of the track.
To ensure the track runs parallel to a wall, measure out from the wall to each end of your desired placement.


For direct to ceiling mounting connect to J box using a live end connector with a canopy plate.
For suspension mounting, connect to J box using a suspension kit canopy.


For standard ceiling mounting, screw directly into ceiling.
For drop ceilings, use two T–bar clips for each 2 foot or 4 foot track and three for each 6 foot or 8 foot track.
To suspend track, choose appropriate standoffs for flat or sloped ceiling. Use three supports minimum for each 2 foot or 4 foot track and three for each 6 foot or 8 foot track.

Joining rail sections

I-Connectors can be either conductive or non conductive. Non-conductive I-Connectors may be used to electrically separate two runs without any visible separation to the design. Other available connectors include an X-Connector, L-Connector, T-Connector and a flexible track connector.


Each track is supplied with two end caps.
Custom length suspensions are possible with the use of cables or suspension rods.
Maximum load capacity per circuit is 1920w. Determine the total wattage of the fixture before laying out the system.

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