How to Identify Track Lighting

Identify Types of Track Lighting

There are 3 standard types of Track lighting. If you are adding to an existing system you will need to determine which type of track lighting you have.

Single Circuit Track

120V Single Circuit has a 20 Amp capacity. It is available compatible with Halo, Juno or Lightolier.

Two-Circuit Track

Juno compatible 2-Circuit track carries two circuits that can be used independently (up to 2400 watts on each circuit) or jointly switched (up to a total of 4800 watts) used together. This can give you more control, allowing different pendants or lights on a single track to be controled by different switches or more capacity allowing more lights on a single track.

Track Lighting

Track & Components

Track Lighting Heads

Track Adaptable Fixtures

Track Lighting Pendants

Track Adaptable Pendants

Fixed Track


Lighting Art Successfully
Using track or recessed lighting in residential and commercial applications

120V Track Sample Layout

A SK18 Track Suspension Rod
B LLE Live End Connector
C LT2 2 foot Section of LHT Track
D LL-LEFT "L" Connector (Left)
E L-95-WW LEDme LED track head
F L-Endcap End Cap

Polarity is just a matter of matching ends.

Understanding Polarity

(Example Using H Track)

The Two–wire side of an "H" Track has an indicator groove running its length

  • Using a left connector, the track would run with the groove along the outside.
  • Using a right connector, the track would run with the groove along the inside.

Left Connector (HL–LEFT)
• Groove on the Outside Edge
• Contacts on the Outer Angle

Right Connector (HL–RIGHT)
• Groove on the Inside Edge
• Contacts on the Inner Angle

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