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Recessed Channel
May be mounted in ceiling or wall in any orientation

WAC Lighting Linear Recessed Channels

Specialty recessed LED technology offers creative options for lighting spaces architecturally, decoratively, and to increase functionality of the space. WAC Lighting offers specialty recessed LED lighting products for accent lighting, general lighting, and customization for various architectural applications.


IMPORTANT: NEVER attempt any work without shutting off the electricity.

  • Read all instructions before installing.
  • Always turn off power at fuse box prior to installation to prevent electrical shock.
  • Intended for indoor use. Dry and damp locations.
  • For installation by a qualified electrician.
  • System is intended for installation in accordance with National Electric Code, and local regulations.
  • Consult with local inspector to assure compliance.

Disassemble the Junction Box & Hanger Bars

(Keep all of the components and screws for later installation.

If channel is desired to be mounted horizontally

Junction Box can be mounted horizontally or vertically by using the Mounting Brackets & Screws depending on the orientation of the channel. Junction Box can be slid along the Hanger Bars by loosening and fastening the Locking Screws on both top and bottom. Remove Knockouts on the Junction Box as necessary before mounting it.

If channel is desired to be mounted vertically

Select the location between two Studs for the Junction Box to be mounted.

Place the adjustable Hanger Bars between the Studs (14.5" to 24.5").

Make sure the lips on the Hanger Bars are against the Studs.

Use supplied Screws to secure the Hanger Bars at desired position.

Install the conduit and run the low voltage 24V DC Power Wires.

Connect the 24V DC power wires to the Wire Adapter LED-TC-B-2L with the provided wire nuts.

Tuck all wires into the Junction Box for later use.

Check all wiring connections and make sure all wiring is done as instructed.

Plug in the Tape Light Strip and turn on the power to ensure the lights are working properly.

Remove the tape light strip for later use if it is powered properly.

Mark a 2 3/8" x 3" square on the drywall where the junction box will be located.

Cut out the marked square using a jabsaw or "Rotozip" tool.

Mount the drywall to the studs. Using the drywall opening as reference, mark 2 3/8" wide lines and cut the desired length of the channel along the drywall.

Mark the location of the Studs for later use. In any cases where no stud/joist is present, LED-T-CH-PER may be used to secure the channel to the dry wall.

Mount LED-T-CH-PER with two #8 Wood Screws 5" apart centered around the cutout.

LED-T-CH-PER should be spaced in 2 feet.

Cut out 2 3⁄8" wide and 5⁄8" deep opening to the length of the channel run.

Insert the End Cap & Channel Section from LED-T-RBOX1-WT to the power feed side and insert one End Cap from LED-T-RBOX1-WT to the opposite side temporarily.

Measure the LENGTH OF CHANNEL in between precisely.

Write the number down on a paper.

Remove the End Caps and Channel Section from the drywall.

If required for installation, cut down LED-T-RCH1-WT to measured/desired length with hacksaw or miter saw that has an appropriate blade for cutting aluminum.

Always wear safety goggles when cutting. (Note: Channel should be cut together with the diffuser to ensure proper fitting.)

Cut channel and mount channel to studs without removing
the foam insert.

Insert LED-T-CH-JOIN half way into the slots of each channel end and butt the channels against each other.

Lock the channels tightly together and secure them with the provide hex key.

Mount the LED-T-CH-END1-WT to the end of the channel.

Push the whole channel assembly into the drywall cutout. Mount the channel assembly to the Junction Box with End Cap Screw and Channel Section Screw.

Make sure channel is aligned straight using a laser level.

Use the Marked Stud Locations on the drywall and the Channel Grooves, carefully drill (LED-T-CH-BIT) and countersink (LED-T-CH-SINK) the channel.

Properly secure the channel to the drywall using drywall screws.

Make sure all screw heads are flush with the channel surface for plaster work later.

Cover up the opening section of the channel with the provided Foam to prevent plaster and dust entering the channel.

Apply ultra-thin drywall tape along edges of the channel to prevent cracking of plaster after installation.

Note: Do not overlap drywall tapes. Plaster the channel edges to the drywall. Sand and paint the wall properly.

Spackle, sand and paint around the soft strip channel.

Remove and discard foam insert and install InvisiLED on
one or both sides of the channel.

After the plaster cures, remove the Foam and clean the inside of the channel before installing the LED Tape Light Strip.

Pull out the LED-TC-B-2L from Junction Box.

Plug the Tape Light Strip into the Wire Connector.

Tuck the wire connector back to the junction box.

Removing the backing from the tape light strip and install it inside the channel by using your fingers or the provided tool LED-T-CH-INS.

Make sure to push the connector as close to the end of the channel as possible to eliminate dark spot at the beginning of the run.

Make sure that the tape light strip is firmly attached to the channel.

Note: There are two positions for installing the tape light strips. Tape light strips can be installed at either position.
Or two strips can be installed at the same time.

After trimming the tape light strip on cuttable section, place the excess strip behind the drywall through the End Cap Opening

Screw the Channel Cover back to the channel. Push the Diffuser LED-T-RCH1-COV onto the channel.

Turn on the power and the installation is finished!

WAC Recessed Channel

Symmetrical Recessed Channel

  • Installs within 5⁄8" drywall depth
  • Linear channel can be field cut
  • Accomodates either one or two runs of InvisiLED® indoor tape
  • Includes a translucent white acrylic diffuser
  • Dense foam insert to be removed in installation after spackling

Indirect Recessed Channel

  • Linear channel can be field cut
  • Accomodates up to four runs of InvisiLED® indoor tape
  • Dense foam insert to be removed in installation after spackling
  • Allows option to use different color InvisiLED in one channel and switch them separately

Asymmetrical Recessed Channel

  • Installs within 5⁄8" drywall depth
  • Linear channel can be field cut
  • Accomodates one run of InvisiLED® indoor tape
  • Dense foam insert to be removed in installation after spackling
  • Recommended installation within 15" of surface to be illuminated

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